Think Like a Five Year Old


Think Like a 5 Year Old explores a documented phenomenon in which people almost universally exhibit genius-level creativity as young children but lose it as they become adults–and what we can do to reverse this trend. With this book, learn the story of your creativity: why you had it in the beginning, how you lost it, and how to get it back, to create great things.



According to a recent Gallup report, only 13% of people are “actively engaged” in their jobs, 63 percent merely put in their time, and the remaining 24% are actively disengaged. People are bored at work, at home, in personal habits, and in their spiritual lives. Over time a pattern of loss in vitality and a shift towards fear, comfort, and consumption is leaving them feeling unfulfilled and less creative.

Wilson proposes that every person is called to a life of creativity. This means knowing how you are made, reclaiming your passions, learning the craft of creativity as an act of faith, and surrendering the creative process to God.

“Having been made in the Creator God’s image, we are born creative, yet we tend to agree in theory but disagree in practice,” notes Wilson. “Respected creative thinkers such as Sir Ken Robinson, Paul Torrance, and Seth Godin offer insights, but the problem is that while everyone has this supernatural power within them, they’ve lost sight of it. They’ve given in to forces that steal and destroy our innate joy. We don’t feel creative–and consequently, we don’t feel fulfilled.”

Wilson redefines the word “creativity” using a framework of categories such as compassion, problem solving, engineering, and artistic expression. Creativity is about being attentive to and acting in response to the combination of ideas and reactions and preferences that form one’s view of the world. This perspective, this unique form of expression, is the identity given to them by God and the origin of their creativity.

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